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Doggy ultrasonic dog alarm

Model: DOGGY
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The Doggy ultrasonic dog deterrent, which easily fits in your pocket, helps to deter unwanted dogs by emitting ultrasound. High frequency ultrasound, inaudible to the human ear, but not tolerated by dogs. This sound does not harm the dogs, but it is very unpleasant for them, so they stop, back off and run away. The sound causes the dog to stop the unwanted behaviour. The device is also often used for training, to train dogs to behave in a certain way or to prevent them from being in dangerous situation.

Why choose one of the fastest, safest, most effective dog alarms?

There are many reasons why using a Doggy ultrasonic dog deterrent is beneficial:

  1. Gentle and painless: the Doggy ultrasonic dog deterrent emits high frequency sounds that humans can't hear, but dogs can. These sounds are unpleasant for dogs, but do not cause pain or harm.
  2. Effective behaviour correction. Dogs quickly learn to associate the unpleasant sound with the unwanted behaviour, reducing such behaviours.
  3. Safe and environmentally friendly: the Doggy ultrasonic dog deterrent uses no chemicals and no physical violence, making it safe for dogs, other animals and people. It also provides an environmentally friendly solution to behavioural problems.
  4. Convenient and easy to use: the Doggy ultrasonic dog deterrent is easy to carry and simple to use. It is easy to carry and portable, easy to transport and can be activated with the push of a button, so it can be used anywhere, anytime. It has 3 different modes to meet different needs.
  5. Versatile application: the Doggy ultrasonic dog deterrent can be used in different situations, such as at home, while walking or even when travelling.
  6. No special training required: the Doggy ultrasonic dog deterrent do not require any special training or knowledge to use, so anyone can easily use them to improve their dog's behaviour.


This product should not be used within 30 centimetres of the human ear and should not be used on dogs under 6 months of age or under 4.5 kilos.

Doggy ultrasonic dog deterrent features:

  • Ultimate ultrasonic emission distance: up to 15 metres.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery included. Due to the voltage protection design, please charge only with 5V input power source, otherwise the product will not charge. Charge the product before use!
  • Charging time: 2-3 hours.
  • 3 modes of operation

Doggy ultrasonic dog deterrent ultrasonic modes:

  • Ultrasonic mode: ultrasonic sound emission and vibration.
  • Ultrasonic mode with flashing light: ultrasonic sound emission with strong vibration and flashing light.
  • Flashlight mode: flashlight on/off

Who do we recommend to buy the Doggy ultrasonic dog deterrent?

  1. For dog owners: who want to improve their dog's behaviour, for example to prevent barking, digging, chewing or running away.
  2. For people living in shared accommodation: who have a problem with their neighbour's dog barking and are looking for a peaceful, non-confrontational solution.
  3. Parents: who want to protect their children from strange or aggressive dogs when they are outside playing or walking.
  4. For runners, cyclists and hikers: those who often encounter dogs while exercising or hiking and want a safe way to avoid unwanted encounters.
  5. Postmen, deliverymen and other carriers: who regularly encounter dogs in the course of their work and need an effective means of keeping dogs away.
  6. For owners and breeders: who need to protect their livestock from stray dogs or unwanted intruders.
  7. For the elderly and disabled: those who find it difficult to physically control unwanted dog behaviour and need an easy-to-use, non-invasive solution.
  8. Dog schools and trainers: who want to supplement traditional training methods with an effective, gentle tool.

Training tips:

If you want the dog to stop barking: (maximum distance 15 meters, which depends on the circumstances, blocking objects will affect the maximum distance).

1. press and hold the Ultrasonic Mode button or the Ultrasonic Mode button with flashing light towards the dog.

Note: Try to use the Ultrasonic mode first before the Flashing ultrasonic mode, as some dogs may already react to the use of the Ultrasonic mode. If the dog follows your commands, remember to reward him for good behaviour.

2. You can also use it for training when the dog barks, jumps, steals food or chews inappropriately. In this case, use the Ultrasonic Mode button or the Ultrasonic Mode button with flashing light and immediately use a verbal command such as "DO NOT "SILENCE", "SIT", "STAY" or "ENOUGH" to help train the dog to stop the bad behaviour. Note: This feature is used for dogs, not all humans can hear the ultrasound, so do not put it close to human ears.

Doggy ultrasonic dog deterrent box contains:

  • Doggy ultrasonic dog alarm 
  • Silicone strap
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • User manual

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Is the Doggy ultrasonic dog deterrent product waterproof?

A: This product is not waterproof, do not put it in water, near other liquids or use in rain.

Q: Can I charge the product with any type of charger?

A: No. The product can only be charged with a 5V output voltage, the product is equipped with surge protection and will automatically stop charging if you charge with an output voltage above 5V.

Q: Does the product work effectively for all dogs?

A: The product produces an ultrasonic sound; it may not be effective for older dogs or dogs with hearing problems. Different breeds of dogs respond differently to the ultrasonic dog alarm, please use it as a training aid along with verbal commands and be patient during training.

Q: When should I use the Ultrasonic mode button or the Ultrasonic mode with flashing light?

A: It is recommended that you start with the Ultrasonic Mode and try the Flashing Light Ultrasonic Mode if the dog does not respond.

Q: Is it normal to hear noise from the device?

A: Yes. You will hear a small sound after you press the buttons, this confirms that the device is working.

Product Weight 79g
Product Color Black
Product Material:ABS+PC
Input Voltage 5V
Charging Time 2.5 - 3 Hrs
Use Time 15 Days, Based on Use Frequency
Certificates FCC/ CE/ UKCA/UL62335/ MSDS/ UN38.3


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